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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  February 2, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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to chief meteorologist scott williams. he's live in old city tonight. scott? >> joyce and iain, temperatures are tumbling rapidly across our area. it's dry but the concern will be a flash freeze and some black ice the entire area under a winter weather advisory for right knauer through the overnight as we watch those untreated roadways especially with the rain that we saw earlier in locations as well as that snow. as we take look at those temperatures 31 philadelphia. 31 in wilmington. north and west even colder. 20 in allentown. nine right now in the poconos. look at sections of montgomery and buck county. at or below freezing pretty much area wide. 24 quakertown. right now as we move toward yardley 26. 30s right now in ambler and take look at chester county. 30 malvern. kennett square. 29 honey brook. 29 degrees as well. so the concern black ice slick spots across the area and tumbling temperatures. 20 degrees by 11:00 o'clock. so that winter weather advisory is in effect tonight with the
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winds gusting at times over 30 miles per hour. temperatures will bottom out in the teens. but when i come indoors a brief warmup in the seven day forecast but also a couple of chances for snow. joyce and iain, back to you. >> all right, scott. thank you so much. you her from it scott. drivers are being warned to take it easy on the roads to night. there is a black ice threat. fox 29's chris o'connell is live in doylestown out on the street. chris how are the conditions there? >> reporter: well, joyce freezing temperatures scott was just talking about and wet roads going to make for a very dangerous night as we're seeing those temperatures plumet as we speak. last hour we talked to you less than an hour ago it was 29 degrees. now it's 23 degrees here north in doylestown. you see the road coming behind me. this is 611 just north of doylestown. it's those wet roads especially north and west of the city where
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we are that left freezing up on those roads that's what they're worried about. take look at video wove scene a convoy of salt trucks up and down this corridor as the temperatures started to drop. this flash freeze penndot is worried about mainly because that black ice is invisible. the main concerns like i said western montgomery, upper bucks county, this is the way it look on the pa turnpike jackknifed tract trailer sliding off the highway. one of many accidents this morning that state police are hoping do not replicate. i do want to bring you back out here because one of the other concerns not just on the roads is the wind chill biting wind chills right there. take look at the flagpole you see behind me. it is just whipping winds and i'm going to check the wind speed right now. it is -- i mean wind chills well below zero right now. so it is not only the roads it's the air temperatures that bitter bitter cold temperatures but if you are going out on the roads
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beware. it doesn't look bad but that black ice could be very deceiving. joyce? >> all right. thank you, chris. you could use a scarf on your neck. in chicago got slammed with about a foot and a half of snow in getting around it wasn't easy easy. there was a massive multi car pile up just outside the city this morning. traveling by air pretty tough too. more than 1200 flights have been canceled at o'hare in midway airports. thousands of people are stranded there. and you can follow your weather all night long by going to click on the weather tab at the top of the home page for the latest forecast information and live radar images. former pennsylvania state treasurer rob mc cord is pleading guilty to federal ex horse charges. mc cord resigned on friday. he's accused of using his office to threaten potential campaign donors during his run for governor. mc cord plea agreement was summited in federal court in harrisburg late this afternoon. happening now a four-year-old girl topples on the of a second floor window to the ground below
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and lives to tell about it. this is little little girl. her story will send up the chill of any parent with young children. her unscaled trip out the window left her shaken but thankfully not hurt. our bruce gordon spoke to mother and daughter today. he's live in the newsroom with that story tonight. bruce. >> reporter: iain as parent you'd like to believe that when you tuck your little ones in to bed at night that's pretty much the end of the risks to their health and safety, but sometimes the curiosity of a child leads to near disaster. four-year-old little girl loves playing with gadgets but her curiosity almost got her killed. her mom knows it. >> thank god, you know, for protecting her. >> reporter: she tuck her daughter into bed around 9:00 o'clock sunday night. several hours later mom and dad were awakened by a neighbor someone had fallen out of their second floor window. she had a bad feeling. >> one thing went through my mind. high heart start pounding and iran upstairs as far as i can. i started crying.
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her dad started crying. >> reporter: it was in fact her daughter. turns out she had gotten out of bed opened her window and push out the screen so she could see the snow below. the little girl offered to explain to me exactly how it happened. >> ooh pushed the window up. >> it put the win do up? >> yup. >> reporter: then did you look out the weren't dough? >> yes. all the snow on the grass. >> reporter: you were looking at the snow and grass. did you lean out a little bit too far? >> yes. >> reporter: then what happened? >> and i fall. report roar police were called to the scene. mom and dad were reunited with her their daughter had was then rush to the hospital where she was pronounced fit as a fiddle. rather amazing really the second floor window ledge sits a good 15 feet from the ground below. it's grass and snow where she hit but concrete sidewalk just a few feet away. >> did it hurt you when you fell out the window? >> yes. >> reporter: it did. >> my back is hurting a little with. >> reporter: your back is a hurting a little bit. >> a little bit. >> reporter: her bedroom
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window wasn't latching properly. that's how she got it open. we made sure it was safe before we left mom and daughter to contemplate this near tragedy. >> that's latched. okay. that's not going anywhere. >> reporter: pretty lucky. >> i pretty lucky. >> my daughter fell out the window and she's fine. she's here. god is here protecting her. >> reporter: you may have noticed she was still wearing her hospital top sort of a souvenir of her hopefully once in lifetime experience. seeing how easily she could have hit the sidewalk below her wip dough, this could have been real tragedy, iain. >> absolutely, bruce thank you. police need your help identifying this man. he robbed the red sun food mart on 12th street in south philadelphia just over two weeks ago. they say at first the man was pretending to buy a soda. then he snuck behind the counter grabbed a cash register and when he couldn't open it he took off. surveillance video later shows the guy on the 1200 block of daly street where he forced open the register and took the money.
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developing now a story tonight. we're learning more about the man charged in the execution style murder of a beloved child advocate. investigators say 36-year-old randolph sanders here confessed to shooting 56-year-old kim jones in the head last month. now police say the two were co-workers at the turning point for children. now as the details emerge as new ones emerge we find out what led sanders to allegedly commit these heinous crimes. let's check in with fox 29's jenny joyce. she's live at police headquarters with the very latest tonight. jenny. >> reporter: well, police tell us that randolph sanders confessed to zen lesley murdering kim jones and he says he did it because she was about to turn him in for stealing money from their organization. 36-year-old randolph sanders is behind bars tonight accused of committing the premeditated assassination style killing of his co-worker 56-year-old kim jones last month.
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>> detectives big break in the case came when they realized that the suspect randolph sanders 36-year-old mail who was a co-worker of mrs. jones drove the same type of vehicle. >> reporter: police say they brought sanders in for questioning on saturday. he ultimately confessed to the crime. he told police he murdered jones because she was about to turn him in for stealing money from their employer turning points pour children. an organization that provides support services to familiar. the organization spoke out about these latest developments. >> this is a very difficult situation for everyone and we appreciate all the words and support from our friends families and supporters. >> reporter: police say in the last three weeks since jones' murder sanders reported to work and even went out of his way to show concern for jones and her family. >> after the murder he actually called her phone asking about her to find out was she okay. because they hadn't seen her. >> reporter: sander does not have a police record. neighbors on his northeast
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philadelphia block didn't want to comment on the allegations. jones' neighbors say they are relieved an arrest has been made but nothing can bring back this beloved member of their community. >> church going woman. family woman. everybody in the neighborhood cared about her. liked her. she been around all our lives. so to have her gone, you know, not just the familiar l miss her but the neighborhood will miss her. >> reporter: police detectives are still searching various locations for evidence related to the murder. the actual murder weapon has not yet been recovered. iain. >> jennifer, thank you. this philadelphia police officer is under arrest accused of lying to fellow officers. investigators say brandon ruff walked into the 16th district last summer and handed an officer a bag with three hasn't guns inside. he says the guns belonged to a family member. ruff allegedly gave them a fake name and date of birth. ruff is an eight year veteran of the force he has been suspended for 30 days with the intent to dismiss. new developments in a sex
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scandal rocking the philadelphia fire department. sources tell fox 29 city officials are now taking action against members accused of having on the job sex in firehouses across the city. eight members of the fire department were ordered to app a pier before city personnel officers at least two of them are facing conduct unbecoming charges. they could be suspended demoted or even fired. this after allegations that more than a dozen firefighters, supervisors and paramedics had sex with a female paramedic in different fire stations. sources say as many as 40 people have already been questioned. a local lawmaker is on a crusade against powder he says moses a major threat to your kids. >> his fight to get it banned. plus a burglar -- burglary at a local barbecue join much that's what you're looking at here. surveillance cameras capturing the guy they're looking for. the unorthodox way he got the goods. >> joyce, today after the super
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bowl tom brady talks retirement and johnny menzel's life takes yet another turn. welcome to the off season, guys. the story coming up in sports. >> and get a good look at this guy arrested accused of driving a so many bony drunk at a girl's hock can he game. parents call the cops when he swerved into the boards. tonight at 10:00 what happened next. school officials say they've never seen.
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>> we are watching the roads in our area for you tonight. here's life look at route 422 in oaks pennsylvania in montgomery county. according with the rain and sleet that fell earlier today and tonight's freezing tumbling temperatures black ice could be a problem. so be careful out there. surveillance cameras capture a burglar in the act at barbecue in roxborough. this was shot early yesterday morning at the business on chers
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lane. police say the pan broke the glass on the garage door to get and side. he stole $138 and an iphone. philadelphia school district is looking to add 400 teachers to its ranks. the district says it expects to have that many openings for the next school year. it's looking for experienced teachers and secondary math, secondary science special ed, art, music and upper elementary. you can apply for those jobs online at the school district's website. us senator bob casey raising awareness about a little known danger that has cost some their lives. the pennsylvania senator wants the food and drug administration to consider a ban against powdered caffeine. recent deaths in ohio and georgia have brought attention to the dangers it can pose to children when 100% pure caffeine is inn jeffed it is powerful and potentially deadly. >> 215-gram pack so one packet of this powdery caffeine costs
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just $20 but is equivalent of 1,250 cups of coffee enough to kill 50 people if taken in high quantities. >> senator casey says 116th of a teaspoon is a safe level but the quantity and potency of what retailers are selling is dangerous. there's a brand new burger joint at reading terminal marks. >> these burgers come with good deed. hunger burger opened for business today. the owners have operated two other stands at the market for years. they decideed to use this venture to give back and those burgers well, they taste pretty good, too. >> the meat that we're using is a meat from creek stone farms and it's 100% black angus beef. no hormone. no additives ever in the animal. and it's just a great blend of
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three different cuts of meat that is makes it extremely tasty and juicy. >> they still open? >> well the money will go to feed local children and needy kids in other countries. back to your fox 29 weather authority right now. scott, i don't even know what to prepare for any more. >> well, just prepare for the potential, joyce of some black ice, flash freeze, cold temperatures it's going to feel like below zero in some spots by tomorrow morning and also we have more chances for snow. so just prepare for little bit of everything over the next several days. temperature wise right now we're below freeing already in philadelphia. so temperatures in the past hour have dropped about 10 degrees for us. we're looking at feels like temperatures already in the teens. and you can see area wide in purple winter weather advisories now through overnight for that possibility avenue flash freeze as well as black ice. so if you see some wet roadways, assume that it's not wet but that it's likely ice tonight as we take look at those
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temperatures you can see 25 trenton. 31 wilmington. freezing dover. freezing already in wildwood. teens in allentown. eight in the pocono mountains. take look at quake consider town town. 23 perkasie 26. as we move toward the levitt up to area, 27 in sections of collegeville 26 degrees. ambler 28. bala cynwyd 29 degrees. so temperatures already below freezing north and west. chester county, coatesville 28 right now. we have 27 in west chester. 26 right now in downingtown and upper 20s in malvern. so that winter weather advisory tonight for the flash freeze potential. winds are gusting up to 30 miles per hour as that cold air continues to rapidly move in. low temperatures in the teens after a high today yes spot on for where we should be that is time of year. 41 degrees. that's the normal. the record 61 that was set back in 1988. so as we look at the feels leak temperatures right now it feels like 13 below currently in the pocono mountains it fels like four in allentown it feels like
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17 degrees in wilmington but as we go hour with hour, it's going to get even worse. by tomorrow morning, it will feel like two in pottstown. feel like 7 degrees in philadelphia and six in atlantic city. and then the feels like temperatures tomorrow afternoon pretty much in low to mid 20s and afternoon high temperatures will only be in the mid to upper 20s tomorrow. so as we look at ultimate doppler, mainly quite but we have a few snow flurries trying to move through. that's just that reinforcement of that cold arctic air that continues to funnel in across the area. so watch out for some patchy slick spots because of that burst of snow but otherwise we're clearing out and it is going to be cold overnight tonight. tomorrow sunshine but it's not going to do anything. then wednesday we're dry but wednesday night into thursday, another arctic front. that is going to be moving through to potentially bring some snow across our area. we could see a couple of inches likely out of this front that blows through early on thursday
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morning so keep that in mine. we'll update that forecast tonight at 10:00. otherwise it will be cold tonight. tomorrow 27 degrees. but once again it will feel like the low 20s. the seven day forecast a brief warmup into the mid 40s for wednesday. but then that front comes through thursday with the snow. dropping temperatures back by friday into the 20s and then another chance for snow sunday and monday of next week. so i told you prepare for everything. >> you were right. >> thank you scott. >> we're taking chances along the way here. >> chances are pretty good you guys were watching super bowl. >> yup. we saw it. >> we're into the off season, welcome. >> the day after the greatest super bowl of all time and johnny manziel says quote he wants to re-evaluate things. where johnny is headed might surprise you. what isn't surprising the performance of tom brady last night. when is it time brady to call the quits? brady
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♪ it is the day after arguably greatest super bowl every played much the dust is settling when tom brady and belichick won number four the fans were asking what russell and pete carol were thinking. >> roger goodell was there. all the bright lights but i'm not really sure belichick really appreciated them.
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>> good morning. how we all doing? better than i am, i'm sure. >> he's honest. i like the about the guy. it was a day in a game tom brady was simply super. septembered himself among the great with his fourth super bowl title. so many parts of this were so impressive. his first title in 10 years and he did it against a great seattle defense. trailed by tenth in the fourth quarter. 14 of 16, 130 yards two touchdowns in the forth. ouch. brady was terrific. the 38 by the time 215 season kicks off. time to think retirement? >> i love doing it so i don't want it to end any time soon. a lot of decisions that i make in my life are about how to, you know sustain it and that takes commitment in and of itself. you got to put it in the bank as coach always says. >> i think tom is afford cold medicine. he almost didn't have number four. had it not been for game saving malcolm butler interception. it was an int made for talk
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radio. where was marshawn lynch. why not roll out russell wilson? time outs in the pocket. conspiracy theories say pete carol changed the call from the run to the ill fated pass. no conspiracy on carol taking the blame. >> we could have run it and got stuffed. we could have run the and score. we can have scored against. it wasn't a great football at the time. we make sure we match up properly so we can have the best chance to run in and score. in retro spec we can easily have run it and wouldn't be talking about think. >> johnny football is now johnny rehab. according to his agent johnny manziel voluntarily check himself in to an unspecified rehab facility to quote figure out his value system. i love this. he wants to be a better family member a better friend and a better teammate. ladies and gentlemen welcome to the off season. >> yeah. >> now what? >> incredible stuff. >> we'll find out about johnny if he's back for training camp. all ice and ears.
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>> that will go it for us tonight at 6:00. we'll see you back here at 10:00. have great night
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♪[ music ] ♪ biggest super bowl ever. all the behind the scenes action you didn't see on tv. >> katy perry now flying over the audience. it is so cool! >> with special correspondent shawn johnson. >> hi, how are you? >> good, how are you? >> i'm a big fan of yours. >> lenny kravitz, kevin hart. and we're right there after idina menzel's star spangled triumph. plus, most depressing super bowl commercial ever? >> i couldn't gro


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